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Sketches and Doodles Gallery

Enjoy viewing the sketches and little doodles!

Ref Sheet Sketch from 2018
"SPUNKYYY!!" Doodle from 2018
Some random anxious emotions from 2018
Overalls doodle from 2018
Trying to sketch a sticker design to maybe print from 2020
Another Overalls sketch, with messed up hands, thanks to referencing my hands in the wrong way from 2019
Random little sketches I made while messing around in a notebook from 2020
Little Megavolt doodle I did recently in September 2020 as of posting this. Tried to observe This Screencap from Darkwing Duck
Goofified version of my sona from 2020
Little sketches I made to make a few sprites for the "Fun Links and Stuffs!" page, from 2020
2 Other characters I made back in 2018, I still need to draw them more, I think theyre pretty cool
Another little sketch to use as a sprite for the "Fun Links and Stuffs!" page from 2020
Poorly done Moose Doodles cuz the poor guy got too much hate lol, from 2020

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