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Hi! i'm Buddy (AKA radookal or spootymaniacs), i'm that weird 23 year old queer autistic guy with a cartoon ferret fursona. I'm a dude who aspires to be an animator one day! I really like drawing, retro/vintage tech, rad and vibrant fashion, art, graphic design (especially memphis design), video games, and CARTOONS! This site is where i will be putting some stuff such as random silly humor, projects, updates on my life, sorta like a somewhat public personal journal kinda? The Index page (Where you are currently at) will be used to notify any updated pages in any of the other locations you see on the left menu! Simply read the "Update" Section below, click the updated post link you wish to see, and analyze the content you desire to update yourself on! (Will organize this page in general later on lol) This site is STILL being worked on so please be aware of any changes in the future!


- August 20th, 2023: NEWWWWW DOMAIN NAME WOOO!!! This site now has its own domain name! spootymaniacs.gay! Also I added my last.fm to Connections and Contact. If you all wanna snoop in on what I listen to :O3

- August 18th, 2023, 1:15 AM EST: OH GOD, With twitter going into the shitter I've started to go back to other forms of social medias again. Hopefully I wont abandon all of them or they won't die either. Taken up an interest on getting this site back into use again. I dunno if I wanna keep this layout or maybe fix up some stuff still but i'll think about it soon. :O3

- August 18th, 2023, 1:15 AM EST (Connections and Contact): Added Bluesky, Roblox, Furaffinity, and Escargot.chat to the list. Updated Discord contact due to their new username update, updated Mastodon to a new instance. Removed Phoenix AIM Revival cuz it's icky and yucky and gross (hoping Nina.chat will replace it)

- September 19th 2020, 1:34 AM EST. (Cool Links & Wacky Fun Stuffs): Yet again even more fun links were added! Check em out here!

- September 18th 2020, 5:15 AM EST. (Artzone/Sketches): Yooo I finally added some of my terrible sketches to the artzone! Go and check em out right here! if you want!

- September 12th 2020, 2:06 AM EST: Added a JavaScript that so far randomizes the songs in the index. Courtesy of PlusReed!

Past Updates Here.

Buddy the Ferret as sans from undertale